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A Free Guide to the Social Media World

"A Mindful Guide to Social Media" collects various sources and takes the reader on a wide-angled tour of the Social Media Landscape from a psychological, sociological, political and many more perspectives. The book is relatively short with its 45 pages and is designed to be read within one or two sittings. The aim is not to give an in-depth analysis of all the different perspectives, but to sketch out the many tips of the icebergs, ideally inviting the reader to gain a broad overview of all the approaches to Social Media that do not have to do with marketing, promotion or money. This book does not contain boring case-studies of how this and that company integrated Facebook into their “marketing strategy” and therefore managed to increase their net profit by this and that amount. If you’re interested in that kind of stuff, go somewhere else. There’s plenty of it.
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